Exquisite. Impeccable. Precise. Julie Dastine is the Tastemaker for all hair types.


Cultivating an avenue for expression, Julie is Founder and Master Stylist of Citryne Rose New York a luxury salon intentionally crafted to elevate the hair care experience into a realm of personal transcendence.


Julie operates with gripping passion and spirited authenticity to heal and uplift women by way of her innate gift and seasoned skill which removes the one-size-fits all model to ensure riveting experiences for clientele through specialized and individualized tailored treatments reflecting the highest pinnacle of style, health, and decree.

Industry Leader

Rooted in 12+ years of industry refinement, Julie’s bar of excellence never wavers. Throughout every phase of her enterprise, Julie keenly polishes the CRNY experience to reflect dedication to not only clientele, but her in-house team of stylists and staff who are expected to deliver powerfully under her leadership. This expectation remains constant because it always begins with Julie assessing and critiquing her own leadership to remain a force of motivation, confidence and compassion for all whom she teaches and guides. Focused beyond solely hair, Julie’s dedicated presence serves as a source of wisdom that manifests deep knowledge into an unmatched energetic quality of joy and light for all who walk into CRNY. She carries an extensive and diverse resume that not only reflects her tireless discipline and aspiration, but also the unflinching self belief and resilience required to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Julie Dastine



Julie attributes her mastery and studies from The Aveda Institute where she developed her skills under the instrumental care of world-renowned celebrity stylist, Keith Campbell, but also defining beginnings of her beauty brand that flourished from the basement salon that her father gifted her. As a pure example of a rose growing from concrete, Julie’s consistent fervor catapulted her into the viral influence in styling and beauty as she rightfully deserves.


A sharpened business aficionado, woman of sound movement and unwavering integrity, Julie is an originator who has created the wet set instrument designed to style the perfect twist out and wet set for natural hair women. Landing 5-figure contract deals with monumental brands like Jane Carter Solutions and evolving her brand to immeasurable heights in the fiercest of cities, Julie’s mission continues to cultivate an everlasting brand which grants space for all to thrive in the understanding that their hair health is the external reflection of how one is thriving within. As a transformational trailblazer who leads by example, Julie’s immutable tenacity is second to none in her service and support of every hair care journey that receives the meticulous attention to detail necessary for building strength and paying forward tender love and care that allow all people to blossom.


Press through with positive thinking and present yourself with poise and glorious style

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